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Breast Augmentation

Las Vegas breast augmentation specialist Dr. George Alexander, M.D., F.A.C.S., provides his patients with larger, more prominent breasts by performing breast augmentation surgery with implants. Dr. Alexander has nearly 20 years of experience and extensive skill in breast augmentation, and he and his highly-trained staff are dedicated to putting patient safety and care first. Throughout his career he has been consistently selected as one of the best plastic surgeons time and time again.

This procedure can increase the size of naturally small breasts or restore volume to breasts that have decreased in size after pregnancy and breastfeeding. A moderate degree of sagging in smaller breasts can be improved with breast implants, and breast augmentation is also a great option for improving asymmetrical breasts. Through the placement of saline or silicone implants, patients can enjoy natural-looking results to gain the confidence they desire and a more beautiful figure.

Implant Type

  Saline Silicone
What is it? Silicone outer shell filled with a sterile saltwater solution Silicone outer shell filled with an elastic silicone gel
Ideal Candidates FDA approved for breast augmentation in women ages 18 and older FDA approved for breast augmentation in women ages 22 and older
Leak Detection If a leak occurs it will be immediately noticeable An MRI may be needed to detect a leak

Incision Techniques

  Inframammary Periareolar
Incision Area Breast crease Beneath areola
Chances of Affecting Breastfeeding Most commonly used incision site at the present time and may cause fewer breastfeeding difficulties Higher likelihood of breastfeeding difficulties
Easily Concealed Scar Yes Yes
Allows for Precise Breast Pocket Formation Yes (best) Yes (good)

Implant Placement Options

Under the Muscle (Submuscular)

  • Implant is placed behind the chest muscle
  • Potentially reduced risk of scar tissue tightening around the implant
  • Lower chance of visible implant rippling
  • Provides a more natural look for patients who do not have adequate breast tissue to cover the implant
  • May provide for easier imaging during mammography exam

Over the Muscle (Subglandular)

  • Implant is placed directly behind the breast tissue but in front of the chest muscle
  • Usually less postoperative pain
  • Can achieve a natural look for patients with adequate breast tissue to cover the implant
  • May provide some degree of lift to breasts with minimal sagging
  • More visible and palpable implants in thinner patients

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